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Handheld Auto Refractors from Cal Coast

Marco Palm-ARK Handheld Auto Refractor/Keratometer

Features & Benefits of Palm-ARK Hand-Held Auto Refractor / Keratometer

Versatile portability for multiple applications -
? Inter-office or satellite office transport
? Nursing homes
? Mission work
? Local health screenings
? Physically challenged or wheel chair patients
? Stretchered, osteo, or special needs patients
? Operating room for refractive procedures

Large operator's viewing screen for comfortable patient alignment -
? Comfortable "binocular" viewing eliminates the use of monocular alignment devices
? Maintains a comfortable measuring distance (personal space) from patient
? All measurement data clearly displayed on viewing screen

Automatic measurements for maximum efficiency -
? Automatically "locks-in" and measures following alignment
? Measurements are not taken if patient is not properly aligned
? Automatically transitions from Auto-Refraction to Auto-Keratometry
? "Quick-mode" allows quick measurement (auto-refraction only) of challenging patients

Automatic target fogging for relaxed patient accommodation -
? Infinity target relaxes fixation and reduces "box" accommodation
? Target fogging prevents focused accommodation during the measurement process

Reliable - reproducible measurements -
? Measurements are not taken if patient is not properly aligned
? Relaxed accommodation produces more consistent, reliable spheric measurements
? Confidence (numerical) index reported back to operator

Infrared communication to docking station for hard-copy printouts -
? Simple, two-piece design houses Palm-ARK and printer station
? Printer serves as docking station and IR receiver for measurement print-outs
? DC-operated Palm-ARK can also be tethered to printer / docking station
? Docking station can store up to 30 readings

EMR data compatible -
? All data is transferable to EMR / EHR programs (RS-232 interface)

Rechargeable battery -
? Primary & secondary (spare) battery charging capability
? Constant "trickle" charge to battery while mounted on docking station


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