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Wireless Binocular Indirects from Cal Coast

Heine Omega 500 Unplugged Binocular Indirect

The most important feature of the Unplugged battery system is that it connects to the OMEGA 500 - the standard for precision optics, unsurpassed quality, and innovative features.

On Board Charging Circuits and Intelligence

The Unplugged system is an additional OMEGA 500 power option, not a specific model. All circuitry is contained in the Unplugged battery module, not on the headband. This makes the system completely modular, just like all other Heine BIO power source options.

State-of-the-art Lithium-Polymer Battery Cell Technology

  • Safer battery technology than Lithium Ion.
  • Lithium Polymer batteries will not ignite if punctured or if there is a short circuit.
  • Lithium Ion batteries can ignite if punctured or if there is a short circuit
5 LED Battery Indicator - Tells you how much capacity is left in your battery.

UL Approved Battery and Transformer

The Unplugged battery and it's transformers each have their own UL approval and markings. When the BIO and battery are free from the transformer, the battery itself must have UL approval the system to still be UL compliant.

Direct Power through Mobile Transformer

The only cable-free system with a mobile transformer. When necessary you can charge or power your Unplugged from any wall outlet.

EN 50 UNPLUGGED Wall Transformer Option

  • Charge and store your complete OMEGA 500 Unplugged system.
  • 2nd battery charging / storage also.

LED Indicator

UNPLUGGED Battery Only

EN 50
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