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COW Electrical Wiring Diagram

Below is a recommended procedure for wiring an exam room to be controlled from the Trend Setter Refraction Desk Console.

COW Electrical Wiring

1. Determine Room Loads: From the following, determine the type and location of room loads
    you wish to use.
A.     3-Way Switching For Room Lights  The 3-way circuit will accept 500 watts; 120-277
              VAC fluorescent or 120 VAC incandescent lamps.
B.    Dimming Control For Incandescent Lights.  The console will dim a maximum 500
              watt load.
              NOTE: If incandescent lights are used in place of fluorescent lights in the
                        3-way circuit above, the console can dim those lights also.
C.    Two 120 VAC Switched Outlets.  Switches "Aux 1" and "Aux 2" supply 120 VAC
              to loads not exceeding 250 watts each.
D.  Low Voltage Outlets.  COW Industries has cable and connectors available to attach
              low voltage devices such as our Projection Fixation Testing Center and Screentest II
              or most low voltage accessories.  Normally, the electrician is not involved with this
              aspect unless you wish to conceal the cables within the walls.

2.  Designate The Desk And Console Location.  From the room layout drawing above,
      determine where the desk will be situated.

3.  Install Power Outlet For The Console.  Once the desk location is established, install
      a 120 VAC duplex outlet in the wall behind the desk.  This outlet should be centered
      behind the desk and about 18" from the floor.

4.  Install The Junction Box Component Of The Interface Kit.  The interface kit consists of
      a 4-gang junction box with cover and a 5' interface cable.  Install the junction box in the 
      wall behind the desk next to the power outlet (step 3).  Following the wiring diagram
      below, wire the room as determined in steps 1a through 1c.

5. Check The Completed Wiring With The COW Industries QUICK TESTER.
Use of the Quick Tester will confirm that the room is properly wired, or point out problems.
      This will insure a safe, trouble-free installation of the refraction console.

      NOTE:  The desk is 32" x 60" with a recessed back.  This provides ample space to
                      accommodate and conceal power cables and the junction box.

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