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Kowa Retinal Cameras

Kowa Non Myd alpha-DIII 8 megapixel Fundus Camera

nonmyd α-DⅢ The nonmydα-DⅢ is a compact 
 digital camera that continues Kowa's tradition of electronic imaging excellence.
 Kowa offers speed, reliability, and high resolution photographs in a striking design.
The all-in-one compact, lightweight digital fundus camera incorporates 
advanced technology in an efficient design.

This cost effective design uses intuitive ergonomic operations that makes photographic
results easy to capture.
Easy to use controls are located at your fingertips.

The conveniently located controls makes rapid screening easy;
all operations can be carried out with the simple touch of a button.
The nonmydα-DⅢ has two fixation modes
that provide up to 9 fixation positions,
"Normal" and "Mosaic".

The "Mosaic mode" provides 9 fixation points for a panorama image covering a retinal area of approximately 85 degrees when using the "montage" application integrated in the digital imaging system. when using the "Normal mode" three positions are selectable Central, Disc and Macula.
The nonmydα-DⅢ utilizes an internal 8 megapixel digital camera

The high resolution digital camera provides detailed, diagnostic quality images with Kowa's exclusive "Aspherical" optical system.
The nonmydα-DⅢ connects to the computer 
through a USB interface that makes set-up and operations plug and play.

The camera can be used with either a desktop or notebook computer with the Kowa Portable VK-2 digital imaging system.
Regardless of the volume of photographs taken, the nonmydα-DⅢ & Kowa Portable VK-2 lets you store, restore and compare data with ease. Shoot and forget allows easy image storage and automatic image saving.
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