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Haag-Streit Slit Lamps

BM 900 Slit Lamp

Haag-Streit BM-900 Slit Lamp  
The BM 900 is undeniably the world standard in slit lamp microscopy.
More than 50,000 Haag-Streit doctors around the world have chosen the BM 900 as their instruments of choice.


* Document progress of disease. Obtain second opinions from colleagues easily. Teach several people at same time.
* Available upgrade modules, including video attachments Peerless optics offer a superb view of all eye structures and pathologies. Sturdy construction designed for decades of use.
* Wide eyepiece selection includes the standard 10x and 16x, wide angle, length and angle measuring, and others.
* Goldman Applanation Tonometer 900.4.1 mounts on guide plate for immediate use, or stores safely in accessory box.
* Goldman Applanation Tonometer 900.4.2 is mounted permanently to slit lamp, and pulls forward in front of microscope to take IOP.
* Optimized for higher resolution cameras
* Preset lenses offer an efficient method for the examination of the vitreous and the fundus without touching the eye.
* Minus Preset Lenses with movable fixture for examination up to 60%.
* Minus Preset Lenses with precentered fixture.
* Plus Preset Lenses for fundus examinations in highly myopic patients.

Brochure - Haag-Streit BM 900

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